credit: Oreste Georgievich Vereisky
day after day,
we shift through
slack vines
of vague anxieties.
we lose our way
in the dense jungle
of obstacles
which impede progression
and yet
are as movable
as we determine them to be.
after a while,
we forget how slack
these vines used to be
and they become
as immovable
as our perceptions.


credit: Alena Aenami
when was the last time
i felt whole?
i think back and wonder
if i ever was.

during the day,
i can cover up
my missing pieces
like a wounded animal.

but at night,
the emptiness is darker
than any shadow
in the corners of my room.

as a wounded animal
fights for survival,
i wonder if
i'll make it til tomorrow.

before i go

credit: banishment
i want to see you--
i promised myself
i'd visit you.
i owe it more to god
than i do myself.
you are his gift to the world
and i'd dishonor him
by leaving without a goodbye.
i won't stay long.
i've a boat to catch,
you see,
and a gift of my own
to return.

hard work

credit: りく
i'd like to say 
it's worth the hill
but in the end
my tongue is still.

i can't say that
it's true for you
but what i know
i've come to rue.

i'd like to say
i know your life
but you've been through
mountains of strife.

i can't say that
i've had it hard
when your rough hands
bleed deep and scar.

the rain doesn’t stop

credit: @heikala
it's been raining
for quite awhile
i cannot see
beyond a mile.

i have not seen
beyond this gloom
i wonder if
this is my doom.

somehow i feel
i'm here at home
because it's been
all i've known.

i'm scared to leave
this liquid cave
but soon it will
become my grave.

headed to mars

credit: Leossenas
i lost myself
among the stars
one fateful day
heading to mars.

i thought i'd find
myself out there
in that big red
desert nowhere.

i spend my days
floating in space
that big empty
nothingness place.

somehow i feel
it's better here
than back on earth
living in fear.