save me

credit: @itukaki
you aren't real
and neither is how i feel
about you and your smile
ever since you've been gone awhile

you laughed and smiled at my words
but i never really felt heard
to you, i was merely a ghost--
vaguely around and yet so close

i wondered why you didn't mind
someone of my annoying kind
always floating around you
now it all makes sense, i wish i knew--
i knew i was a bother
because ghosts can't love each other

i’m hurting but i’m okay

credit: ふすい
"the gross, heavy feeling
that trails me every day now
was not there then.
i smiled more when i knew less
and lived so little."

but it's enough
to look back and remember
when life wasn't so painful
and to hold out
for times like those


credit: Umishima Senbon
eyes so brown
like the earth
you're so down to.
i get lost in them--
finding myself
building our house
on a plot of land
rich and beautiful
like those
eyes so brown.
we'd tend a garden
and watch our flowers
spring beautifully
into summer
or pick a few and pretend
we hadn't seen them
growing so beautifully
in that rich flower bed
earthy and full of potential
like those
eyes so brown.

open letter

credit: JohnS1212_
i can't give you this letter,
so i'll leave it here for you to find
one day

thank you,
i'll cherish these
memories and
sweet gifts
you've given me.
it's hard not to
smile when
i think back on
those tough times made
quite easy
by knowing you
were there and cared.
i'll keep
these memories
close to my heart
and i
hope that you will
do just the same.

take care.

rainy day mistress

credit: Ta-ma-ky
seventy degrees
dark but not quite
quiet rain and calm breeze
big city under the street light

black coat and high heels
glasses and lips so small
wet hair an umbrella conceals
rain doesn't bother at all

wet hands held, getting cold
umbrella for one for two
memories and stories told
onward home, adieu

six thousand miles

credit: YoYo Sketch
it's been nearly a month
since you've gone.
the distance between us is vast.
six thousand miles and counting
but why are we counting?
whether it's one mile,
or one thousand,
we'll miss you
because it's hard
for our world to be whole
when the sun is shining elsewhere
on some other lucky souls.

but, until that day

credit: 荒川
"let's go to the city
where the lights are so pretty
and everyone is so busy
crowds abound in a tizzy

it'll be nice, just you and i
with an apartment near the sky
let's pack up and give it a try
we'll see our families again, don't cry"

those words i've held so dear
i see you less often, now that we're here
in the city you spoke of with cheer
when all i wanted was for you to be near

i spend my days waiting for you
to finish working as i stew
in my restless mind so blue
here in this apartment for two

"but, until that day,
we'll have a lovely stay
and i'll earn quadruple pay
while you find your way

you're crying so much, is it that bad
to move away only for a tad?
please, don't be sad
i do what i do for you, don't be mad!"

while i find my way?
what did he mean to say?
he knew i wouldn't be okay
with this decision which i had no say

but love will make us do
stupid things, it's true
like flippantly say "it's fine" and "i love you"
to those who don't notice the loneliness in this apartment for two

far from home

credit: Guweiz
i'm tired, but i'm
far from home.
not quite alone, yet i'm
actually quite alone.

my imagination is here, but i'm
far from home.
can't go back there alone, yet i'm
actually always alone.