108 letters

credit: Djamila Knopf
108 letters
full of well-wishes
and words of gratitude

108 letters
full of happiness
and memories

108 letters
full of my time with you all
and wishing i'd go back

108 letters
full of kindness
sent from sweat peas

108 letters
amidst spring's rain
for me

i’m safe inside my head

credit: Pascal Campion
the drum beat 
the slow,
melancholic beat
of my heart,
and i feel
at ease
while my thoughts
take a break
and so
do i

on the other side of the forest

credit: u/JohnS1212_
there's a train
somewhere in the forest.
it whistles when it rains
and comes to a rest
as the pattering ends.
its only passenger, a lonely girl,
carried around enigmatic bends
and the forest's mysteries unfurl.
the train's tracks are small puddles
upon which a ghostly impression
whispers and muddles
the undergrowth's expression.
as the clouds begin to clear
and the tracks begin to dry,
the train's station appears,
the girl steps out, and waves goodbye.

saturated sadness

i used to see 
in various tones
of gray

i never wasted a moment
pondering the grayness
it simply was

but you described 
the sunshine so beautifully
i want to see what you see

i want to see the world
through eyes that can see
in color

for some reason,
you weren't gray
you lived vividly

wherever you walked,
the grayness melted
and colors were born

in my world,
you're the artist and i'm
seeing color for the first time


credit: @Cocorabbt
we're in need of a serotonin heist
to change this apathetic zeitgeist .

the colors of the world are gone
nobody seems happy and everything's wrong.

we gotta stop self-pitying--
wake up and hear the whole city sing.

the city is alive and so are we
we're only unhappy if we choose to be.

so get up, we've got some serotonin to steal--
it's time we finally feel.