falling apart at night

credit: SunProject
do others
experience the same
darkness at night?
do they cry
when they shut off 
the light?
do their hearts
beat fast as their
chest grows tight?
have they ever
thought they weren't
quite right?
are they trapped
and losing
in life's vain fight?
do they think about
climbing up
to a great height?
would they walk
on air and join 
the flight?
i think they might.

i can't love myself

pale skin
blemished and thin.
scraggly beard
growing in weird.
acne scars
empty cream jars.
hides in a sweater
no matter the weather.
awkward and lanky
always cranky.
lonely and cynical
depression's clinical.
fingernails are bloody
tearing away the ugly.

one day

credit: MoryaPanima

i will work until
these walls come down
around me.
i will breathe until
these lungs collapse
inside me.
i will hurt until
this pain i feel
outweighs me.

i am alive
until that day–
that one day.


credit: 中村至宏

you were not born to be so unhappy
yet it is not easy to be happy.
girl, breathe and fill your lungs in deep
the time has pass’d for you to weep.
despite what heart may say,
ev’ry thing will be okay.
take one step back,
drop woe’s sad pack.
breathe in;

far away

credit: u/Davidostudio
like a monster abhorred
by the unrelenting horde,
i'll run away
far, far away.

you didn't love me
that much I can see
now that i'm away
far, far away.

i'm sorry to have bothered you
i didn't quite know what to do
but i'm going away
far, far away.

don't come looking for me
you won't like what you see
and you'll find that i'm away
far, far away.

beautiful blues

credit: moshimoshibe
i fell in love with blue.
when i was with her,
time slowed down
but my heart felt dense
my smile turned frown
it didn't make sense.

i fell in love with blue.
so why was i depressed?
i felt calm around her,
but anxious and uneasy.
i'd sit and stir
until i felt queasy.

i fell in love with blue.
and grew to hate myself.
i loved what i should abhor--
this woman so blue--
i should never have cared for
a woman who can never be true.