credit: u/JohnS1212_
born alone
before i could choose
a life i would not want to lose.
people will come, but they'll leave
so i haven't bothered to grieve.
i grow sadder the more people i meet
isolation is my one and only retreat.
i was born to be this way
until my very last day--
die alone.

my mug

credit: u/briananphan
sadness is a
gentle hug--
on a rainy day.
i have cocoa
on those days,
but it's watered down--
i'm out of milk.
i watch the gray sky
grow brighter,
but its still gray--
always gray.
the sky darkens
to a deep charcoal
and i know
it's finally night.
tiny blots of light
puncture my gray night;
they must be spirits--
happier souls.
i collect them in my mug
and mix myself another cup
of cocoa watered down--
a swirling murky galaxy.

falling apart at night

credit: SunProject
do others
experience the same
darkness at night?
do they cry
when they shut off 
the light?
do their hearts
beat fast as their
chest grows tight?
have they ever
thought they weren't
quite right?
are they trapped
and losing
in life's vain fight?
do they think about
climbing up
to a great height?
would they walk
on air and join 
the flight?
i think they might.

one day

credit: MoryaPanima

i will work until
these walls come down
around me.
i will breathe until
these lungs collapse
inside me.
i will hurt until
this pain i feel
outweighs me.

i am alive
until that day–
that one day.


credit: 中村至宏

you were not born to be so unhappy
yet it is not easy to be happy.
girl, breathe and fill your lungs in deep
the time has pass’d for you to weep.
despite what heart may say,
ev’ry thing will be okay.
take one step back,
drop woe’s sad pack.
breathe in;