but, until that day

credit: 荒川
"let's go to the city
where the lights are so pretty
and everyone is so busy
crowds abound in a tizzy

it'll be nice, just you and i
with an apartment near the sky
let's pack up and give it a try
we'll see our families again, don't cry"

those words i've held so dear
i see you less often, now that we're here
in the city you spoke of with cheer
when all i wanted was for you to be near

i spend my days waiting for you
to finish working as i stew
in my restless mind so blue
here in this apartment for two

"but, until that day,
we'll have a lovely stay
and i'll earn quadruple pay
while you find your way

you're crying so much, is it that bad
to move away only for a tad?
please, don't be sad
i do what i do for you, don't be mad!"

while i find my way?
what did he mean to say?
he knew i wouldn't be okay
with this decision which i had no say

but love will make us do
stupid things, it's true
like flippantly say "it's fine" and "i love you"
to those who don't notice the loneliness in this apartment for two

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