i get headaches a lot and
it's rather obnoxious

i get headaches from
my anxiety attacking my body
and forcing my thoughts
to run faster than my blood can flow

i get headaches from
staring at a computer screen for too long
just trying to escape from this wonderfully
painful experience called life

i get headaches from
a lack of caffeine which, apparently,
i'm addicted to like a butterfly is
to the windshield of a speeding semi

i get headaches from
drinking too much the night before
trying to drown out the silence which,
inevitably, just makes me grumpier

i get headaches from
not eating enough throughout the day
because every bite of food turns to ash
in my mouth--gritty and charred

i get heads from
i don't even know where anymore
because i've been staring at the ceiling of my bedroom
for three hours now and i just want it to end

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