on the subject of knights: the lady

from the journal of sir rowan, knight of the fragile king’s court

the king has sent me on a lonely quest
on which, he says he wanted only the best

i am, perchance, by the gods divine
to procure the sword of the holy bloodline 

along my faithful flight,
monsters and servants of evil i will fight

and, as a knight of all that is great,
to find and save a lady is my fate!

lo! on my lucky star! a lady of apparent grace
has appeared early on in my journey’s slow pace!

“greetings, what a lovely night!”
she said to me on sight

a lovely knight? thought I
she has fallen for me! it’s no wonder why.

“good morrow, fair nymph of the sun!
i love you, you see, let us fly this town and run!”

“sir knight, i thank you for your honest words of art,
but i already have a knightly man in my heart!”

alas, my stars had not quite aligned;
this lady for me was not designed.

“my apologies, goodbye!”
i mournfully sighed.

i must not lose my righteous head,
and i’ll focus on my holy quest, instead.

one day a heavenly angel will fall for me
until that day, i’ll quest on and bravely be! 

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