i’d like to meet again someday

if that's okay with you.
our time together was short,
but i'll always cherish
my memories of you.
no one laughed
as sweetly as you
or made a simple
sundress seem
so surreal.
until that day,
see you.

i found my friends

credit: 456
my eyesight was blurry
but i was not worried
i felt a cool wind blow
my thoughts crawled so slow
tadpoles swam swift so small
hardly moving at all
one moved outside my sight
swam fast toward the light
my eyes darted after
enticed by light and laught'r
lovely sweet scene i see
my friends gather'd round me!

after all this time

credit: 銀行
i've grown up 
with a recurring dream:
i'm floating in a river
carried by a current
i cannot see or feel.
my body a rag doll
to the unfeeling child
called fate.
without realizing it,
i've submerged,
yet feel nothing
just as before.
i thought maybe,
after all this time,
i'd violently awake
as my ethereal lungs
filled with cold water,
but i still gently float
to the sandy riverbed,
hardly feeling a thing.
my eyes open slowly,
heavy with tears.
it used to affect me
when i was much younger.
but now,
i simply wipe my tears
and let the current
i cannot see or feel
lull me back to sleep.

save me

credit: @itukaki
you aren't real
and neither is how i feel
about you and your smile
ever since you've been gone awhile

you laughed and smiled at my words
but i never really felt heard
to you, i was merely a ghost--
vaguely around and yet so close

i wondered why you didn't mind
someone of my annoying kind
always floating around you
now it all makes sense, i wish i knew--
i knew i was a bother
because ghosts can't love each other


credit: Umishima Senbon
eyes so brown
like the earth
you're so down to.
i get lost in them--
finding myself
building our house
on a plot of land
rich and beautiful
like those
eyes so brown.
we'd tend a garden
and watch our flowers
spring beautifully
into summer
or pick a few and pretend
we hadn't seen them
growing so beautifully
in that rich flower bed
earthy and full of potential
like those
eyes so brown.

open letter

credit: JohnS1212_
i can't give you this letter,
so i'll leave it here for you to find
one day

thank you,
i'll cherish these
memories and
sweet gifts
you've given me.
it's hard not to
smile when
i think back on
those tough times made
quite easy
by knowing you
were there and cared.
i'll keep
these memories
close to my heart
and i
hope that you will
do just the same.

take care.

rainy day mistress

credit: Ta-ma-ky
seventy degrees
dark but not quite
quiet rain and calm breeze
big city under the street light

black coat and high heels
glasses and lips so small
wet hair an umbrella conceals
rain doesn't bother at all

wet hands held, getting cold
umbrella for one for two
memories and stories told
onward home, adieu