fly II

credit: Samuel González
i know why i can't breathe
like normal people do:
i'm living my life
at a higher altitude.
my breaths are short,
my chest is tight--
i was born
to take flight.

not good enough

credit: Pascal Campion
for you.
for her.
for me.
for my parents.
for my brothers.
for my grandparents who i haven't seen
for 4 years or some more because they died when i was young.
for my students who think i'm only there
for a paycheck and not
for them.
for someone to care about how i've been feeling
for the last few weeks or even seconds.
for the time of day from a stranger.
for a door to be held open as i approach.
for my children who i'll never get to meet.

for anyone.

i dream about you, do you dream about me?

credit: げみ
sometime long ago,
i remember hearing
that people who miss you
will manifest themselves
in your dreams.
i wonder if that's true.

lately, you've been in my dreams
and i wake up smiling
because i think back to what i've heard
and find comfort in the idea
that you miss me.
i wonder if that's true.

this ethereal meeting of the souls,
like two ghosts passing by each other,
lasts what seems to be only a moment
and leaves me feeling less alone.
i can't help but think you don't actually dream about me.
i wonder if that's true.

sometimes things are okay

credit: chernotrav
it just happens
ev'ry so often
and it's nice--
nothing's more quaint.
when i'm alone
suddenly i
feel quite at peace.
no explanation,
no warning sounds,
just bliss and tears
held back barely
by the moment's
fragile nature.


i get headaches a lot and
it's rather obnoxious

i get headaches from
my anxiety attacking my body
and forcing my thoughts
to run faster than my blood can flow

i get headaches from
staring at a computer screen for too long
just trying to escape from this wonderfully
painful experience called life

i get headaches from
a lack of caffeine which, apparently,
i'm addicted to like a butterfly is
to the windshield of a speeding semi

i get headaches from
drinking too much the night before
trying to drown out the silence which,
inevitably, just makes me grumpier

i get headaches from
not eating enough throughout the day
because every bite of food turns to ash
in my mouth--gritty and charred

i get heads from
i don't even know where anymore
because i've been staring at the ceiling of my bedroom
for three hours now and i just want it to end

a simple wish

all i've ever wanted in life
is someone to spend it with
a kind soul to call my wife
and a daughter to play and sit with

i don't know where they are
and i don't know when they'll be.
just know: no distance is too far
and i'd wait forever and be happy

did i do well?

tell me,
did i do well?
did i live my life
the way i was meant to?
did you believe me
when i looked happy?
did i smile enough?
tell me.
i'm getting tired and
i don't know
if i'll wake up
after i fall asleep.
so, please, tell me--
did i do well?