far away

credit: u/Davidostudio
like a monster abhorred
by the unrelenting horde,
i'll run away
far, far away.

you didn't love me
that much I can see
now that i'm away
far, far away.

i'm sorry to have bothered you
i didn't quite know what to do
but i'm going away
far, far away.

don't come looking for me
you won't like what you see
and you'll find that i'm away
far, far away.

hollow night

credit: u/moshimoshibe
darkness looms under a pale night
tiny cold stars breeze past my face
the world has ended, there's no one in sight
ev'ryone has gone without even a trace
they took the sun and left me on this hollow night

beautiful blues

credit: moshimoshibe
i fell in love with blue.
when i was with her,
time slowed down
but my heart felt dense
my smile turned frown
it didn't make sense.

i fell in love with blue.
so why was i depressed?
i felt calm around her,
but anxious and uneasy.
i'd sit and stir
until i felt queasy.

i fell in love with blue.
and grew to hate myself.
i loved what i should abhor--
this woman so blue--
i should never have cared for
a woman who can never be true.

i can’t remember my dreams but i can remember you

credit: もなか
every night, i count sheep
one, two, three then fall asleep
drifting away on an ethereal highway
all the while making not even a peep

every night, i see dream girl
and she sends my heart aswirl
i wish never to offend, so i pretend
away my feelings as her dress does twirl

the dream always fades away
but never to my dismay
because she stays there, so fair
and i know i'll be back one day


credit: Madcarak
ocean waves
and rain that paves
the way ahead of me.

i walk on water
an awkward totter
toward the way ahead of me.

even if i fall
it won't hurt at all
this way ahead of me.

there's no concrete
beneath my feet
or the way ahead of me.

i'll surely drown
if i'm pulled down
the way ahead of me.

my world

credit: saaaz
i float along in a world all my own
where i'll pass you by, all alone.
like a traveler drifting through,
i'll only be around for a minute or two.
i don't need a lot of space,
but i can't seem to find my place.
no matter how small my world may be
it seems way too big for just me.


credit: げみ
history will not remember me
but this cafe will
if only because of the bill.

it's my favorite spot
because i can enjoy being alone
while others are on their phones.

it feels good to go unnoticed;
it's a liberating feeling
from thoughts that send me reeling.

i am free when forgotten.

i casually sip my latte
and i cannot see
anyone looking at me.

i can close my eyes
and take in the muted voices
while i analyze my choices.

it's rather amusing to go unnoticed
when you're a ghost
casually sipping on dark roast.

i am free when forgotten.