credit: Ana Paula Guerra Lomas
we spend our lives
in search of one
who sees us as
we really are.

but one might not
look at us like
a lover does
despite our heart.

we must not let
our hearts linger
lest they get lost
and we suffer.

each special one
lives on in us
as we move on
and walk forward.

children’s march

credit: Yojiro Arai
c'mon, let's go--
where to, only we know!
a place all our own
where we'll stay until we're grown!

so pack your things
to the rhythm as we sing!
dance to the upbeat swings
of our flutes and strings!

we march for no cause
and create our own applause!
we've no need for ma's and pa's
so let's move forward without pause!

imaginary friends in the heat of summer

credit: Atey Majeed Ghailan
summer brings a nostalgic feeling
unlike those of flowers and fields,
endless expanses of lakes and love,
and festivals and fairs of all varieties.

summer brings imaginary friends--
a product of blistering heat
and long, lonely days
spent along the back lawn.

summer brings a lonely feeling,
but it was never so
with my friends of all shapes and sizes,
of all quirks and character traits.

summer brings those memories
i didn't even know i'd forgotten--
days spent with dearest friends
and plenty of fun.

i wish i could believe

credit: ただのサボテン
once upon
a time
i wished upon
a star
but wishes
have only
gotten me
so far.

i used to believe
in wishes--
they were
all i had--
and now i
find myself
i wasn't so sad.

one day
my wishes
will actually
come true
what's the use
of a wish
long overdue?

can’t go on

a year's passed
since you left me
i made it further
than i thought i would
but i can't go on

our bed feels empty
and my heart's so cold
when i gave myself to you
i happily gave my all
and i can't go on

where do i go from here
each route's too long
without your helping hand
i'm walking with a limp
and i can't go on

when you left,
you couldn't have known,
but you took my half my soul
as a farewell gift
and i can't go on

i miss you
i haven't slept very well since
and i think it's finally time
i become whole again
and travel beyond.

i found my friends

credit: 456
my eyesight was blurry
but i was not worried
i felt a cool wind blow
my thoughts crawled so slow
tadpoles swam swift so small
hardly moving at all
one moved outside my sight
swam fast toward the light
my eyes darted after
enticed by light and laught'r
lovely sweet scene i see
my friends gather'd round me!

after all this time

credit: 銀行
i've grown up 
with a recurring dream:
i'm floating in a river
carried by a current
i cannot see or feel.
my body a rag doll
to the unfeeling child
called fate.
without realizing it,
i've submerged,
yet feel nothing
just as before.
i thought maybe,
after all this time,
i'd violently awake
as my ethereal lungs
filled with cold water,
but i still gently float
to the sandy riverbed,
hardly feeling a thing.
my eyes open slowly,
heavy with tears.
it used to affect me
when i was much younger.
but now,
i simply wipe my tears
and let the current
i cannot see or feel
lull me back to sleep.